How to Sell Gift Cards

Enter Gift Card Information

Nafa makes it easy and convenient to sell gift cards online. To begin, click Sell Gift Cards from the top of any page on the Nafa website, enter the brand name of your gift card and select the Gift Card brand from the dropdown. The sell form will ask for your gift card's serial number, PIN and current balance.

Choose Selling Price

Nafa is India's first and most trusted gift card marketplace that allows you to set your own asking price. We recomend to give atleast 10% discount on the Gift Cards to make it sell fast. The better the discount, the faster your gift card will sell, but remember, the price is up to you! The form displays how much you would earn at that selling price so you can adjust accordingly. Your listing will be approved within 24 hours, and you may adjust your price at any time before the gift card sells from within your Active Listings.

Get Paid

When your gift card has been purchased by a verified buyer, we will notify you by e-mail. We will deposit earnings into your My Funds for you to withdraw at your convenience.